What I Wished I’d Known Before Becoming A Women’s Ministry Leader

Written by Janet Findley It’s hard for me to believe that almost nine years ago I said yes to taking my first steps into my current role as a women’s Ministry Leader at Central Church. How quickly those nine years have gone by. It all began very innocuously with one of my pastors asking me […]

What I Wished I’d Known Before Becoming A Worship Pastor

Written by Jenni Clayville My journey in leading worship corporately began 24 years ago as a 15 year-old student volunteer. Music has always been a huge part of my life. I was classically trained on piano and voice, though what teenager didn’t love belting out a song from the most recent Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation […]

What I Wished I’d Known Before Becoming A Co-Pastor

Written by Liz Sarno I pastor our church alongside my husband where I fill the role of the executive pastor, worship pastor, sometimes teaching pastor and sometimes associate pastor as well. I guess you could say I am the “co-pastor”. We started our church before we got married so that was my title before I […]

Rescue Yourself

Written by Kaylee Zentai I spent a lot of years in a sea of depression. Waves of feeling like I would drown would come and go, followed by seasons of blissfully floating and soaking in the sun. I had always sensed that this wasn’t normal – that this wasn’t the life that God wanted for […]

Treat Yourself

Written by Liz Sarno I love to shop. I am an expert bargain hunter and enjoy the thrill of finding deals on pretty much everything. I can make a little money go a long way and really enjoy wandering around a store for an hour or so finding the best deals. The few times a […]